What is Shallow Water Blackout

Simply put, Shallow Water Blackout is a faint underwater.  All swimmers are susceptible to Shallow Water Blackout regardless of ability, health or age, in swimming pools or open water.  Shallow Water Blackout is brought on by a lack of carbon dioxide in the body, combined with a dip in the oxygen level – swimmers faint and must be rescued immediately to prevent drowning.

lifeguardHow could you be rescued if you were swimming alone?

Ask yourself this:  You’re in a pool, river or the sea, and you’re on your own.  You may be a fit, accomplished, competitive swimmer – but what if you faint?  Who would rescue you?  Who would know you are in difficulty?  How long would it take to be rescued?  You would need to be brought to the water’s surface within seconds – otherwise your lungs will fill with water and you will drown.

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