Competitive Swimming Day

joanneSupported by Joanne Deakins (Head Coach for City of Coventry Swimming Club and Olympian 1992 & 1996), the ‘Competitive Swimming Day’ is an annual event for swimmers to attend a day’s training with elite coaches and gain experience in the 50m pool at Coventry. Luke was on the brink of attaining regional times and had been approached to train for the 2012 Olympics - the Competitive Swimming Day serves to inspire individuals to work towards their aspirations and train hard to achieve their ambitions.

The day’s ethos:

  • to encourage swimmers to aim high with their chosen sport,
  • to demonstrate that focused training is paramount for progression,
  • through dedication and hard work, you can realise your goals.

The day’s programme:

  • Pool – a) Fly / Breast / Free Technique b) 100/200m pace work
  • Lunch – a) Questions & Answers b) Nutritional Information
  • Gymnasium - Land Training
  • Pool – a) Back Technique b) Starts and Turns

Nominee/s should be chosen by the Club’s Head Coach with these points in mind:

  • 10-18 years old
  • District times have been attained
  • Regional times are being worked on / attained
  • National times are aspired to

Click here to download an application form, please complete and send to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it