The Luke Jeffrey Memorial Trust is a non-profit making organisation which depends on valuable donations and sponsorship from individuals, schools, swimming clubs, community groups and companies, and without your continued support we would be unable to provide the awareness campaign ‘Shallow Water Blackout’, the Competitive Swimming Day and the Mentoring Award.  We encourage fundraising activities of all shapes and sizes – it doesn’t matter whether you donate £10 or raise £10,000, every penny is spent to educate and inform swimmers, club coaches and teachers of the danger of Shallow Water Blackout.


2010 Fundraising:

  • expansion of the Shallow Water Blackout awareness campaign into schools and colleges throughout the United Kingdom;
  • continued development for swimmers at the Competitive Swimming Day.


The Luke Jeffrey Memorial Trust can claim back the tax paid on all donations, which means we can do more with your money.  In each tax year you need to pay enough income tax or capital gains tax to cover the amount we will be claiming back from the Inland Revenue (at present we may claim 28p for each £1 donated).   All you need to do is click here to easily and securely make your donation to The Luke Jeffrey Memorial Trust.   Thank you.