melanieMelanie Jeffrey - Chair     Luke’s mother, and the driving force of The Luke Jeffrey Memorial Trust and the national awareness campaign Shallow Water Blackout.  Melanie has worked ceaselessly to promote awareness of the risk of  swimming alone and the dangers of fainting whilst in water.  By speaking to parents, clubs, and swimmers themselves, Melanie is determined to limit the risk of another young person dying from SWB.

“Luke had his life to look forward to - it would have been as energetic, action packed and as full-on as his childhood”.

sam smithSam Smith  - Trustee and the Trust’s Treasurer

Luke's aunt, currently Finance & Information Officer at the Springboard Children’s Centre, formerly Senior Administrator in an international private bank.  An active member of the Committee, Sam handles all monies for the Trust and is responsible for the accounts at the end of the financial year prior to audit by the Charity Commission.


“Luke was a pro-active lad: he would have been highly involved with the campaign if one of his friends had died.  He was sensitive and compassionate beyond his years, and would have felt the need to do something to stop this phenomenon happening again”.

markMark Jeffrey - Trustee






jasonJason Jeffrey -  Trustee








steveSteve Halstead

Secretary - Elected October 2010


As a Fire Officer, Steve draws upon many experiences involving his work with children and young people.  Whilst serving as chair of the AvonSafe Children & Young Peoples Group in Bristol, Steve was responsible for initiating and co-ordinating various safety schemes to support Child Safety Week.  Burns and Scalds initiatives, Road Safety programmes and the commissioning of safety videos have all helped inform The Luke Jeffrey Memorial Trust on it’s aims and objectives.   Steve is passionate about developing the moral, spiritual and social skills of young people.


samSam Jeffrey - Committee Member

Luke’s sister, and the future custodian of the Trust.  Sam takes an interest in every facet of the Trust’s work, and acts as a ‘sounding board’ for new ideas and prospective ventures.


“Luke kept himself busy with swimming, skating, running and cycling – he loved being out of doors with his friends.  A day doesn’t go by when I wonder what he’d be doing now”.

James Salter - Committee Member

Sponsor & Supporter - Elected October 2010





DaphneDaphne Butt - Committee Member

Luke’s grandmother - Elected October 2010







Helen Wilson - Committee Member

Elected July 2007




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